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Unfortunately, poorly written company policies can damage your business, even if no employee brings a claim against you. For instance, your employees can become demoralized, resulting in inefficiency at your company. Additionally, unclear expectations can leave your staff frustrated and confused. Worse, existing California work policies can sometimes increase your liability in the event that an employee does file suit against you. Ultimately, you want your business to run smoothly and your staff to be efficient and happy. Our Modesto business lawyers can help you draft employee handbooks and policies that protect your best interests.

The California business attorneys at Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger believe business owners deserve protection from baseless claims. After all, as a job creator, you are one of the cornerstones of the U.S. economy. Our law firm helps business entities and their owners draft handbook policies that can work in everyone’s interest. If you have concerns about your company’s policies, then contact our firm. For decades, our Modesto attorneys have helped owners draft handbooks that can mitigate the risk of future disputes.

How Can Modesto Business Lawyers Help My Company?

Your company’s employee handbook can do more than outline your policies. In addition, it can offer a clear and welcoming narrative to new employees. As a result, you can show your businesses culture and thoughtfully define expectations. Furthermore, comprehensive policies can unite your managers. By having the same information available to your leads, they can maintain consistency with your investment. Ultimately, your handbook’s policies should maintain your businesses integrity, reputation and mission statement. A legal professional can help you by establishing:

  • Protection: Your handbook can do more than define your employees relationship to your company. With the right legal help, your policies can also offer legal protection. For example, defining reasons for termination can help you mitigate risk of a California wrongful termination claim.
  • Time Saving Policies: Unfortunately, hiring new employees can be time consuming. Odds are, they will have questions about their responsibilities, time off and expectations. Therefore, an effective handbook can save you time by having a hub of information they can refer to.
  • Establish Employee Expectations: Some topics can be difficult to talk about without offending an employee. For instance, dress codes and hygiene standards can be difficult to address. However, your handbook and policies can communicate these expectations in a polite tone. As a result, you avoid awkward situations that can take up your time and resources.

What Are Effective Qualities When Writing an Employee Handbook?

In most cases, business owners that grow seek legal help to establish policies due to new hires. For this reason, your current established handbook or policies may be outdated. Modesto business lawyers can help you draft updated policies that scale with your business. For example, your current handbook may work well with a small team. However, as your business grows, platforms can become less efficient. In addition to scaling to your growth, a revised or new handbook can add protections. If you want your company’s policies and handbook to be an effective, you should make sure you:

  • Practice Policies: Most employees want to feel involved in their company’s policies. For this reason, an experienced attorney will advise you to test your handbook. Surveys and questionnaires can help reveal what possible issues you should focus on.
  • Avoid Long Text: Ultimately, your handbook should be short. Unnecessary text can lead to confusion or unforeseen errors. Thus, our Modesto business lawyers can work to make your handbook efficient, simple, clear and short.
  • Define Mission Statement: You have a vision for your business. One way to help achieve this can be clearly a clearly defined mission statement.

Questions About Your Businesses Policies? Contact Our Firm Today

Are you company’s policies specific and clear? If not, you face the possibility of baseless wrongful termination claims or other disputes. Furthermore, your businesses needs and vision can quickly change depending on regulations and growth. For this reason, your updates to handbooks should be drafted by professionals. With clearly defined policies, you can avoid disputes and focus on your investment. Our Modesto business lawyers can ensure you stay informed on California employment law up to date.

One bad employee can make ruin business as usual, effecting not only you, but also your team. For this reason, Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger believe in protecting job creators from baseless claims. Our Modesto lawyers’ success stems from our experience. We can review your current policies and handbook and advise on modifications. After reviewing reports, documents and hearing your vision, we can begin drafting your unique plan. We can help answer questions and concerns for businesses of any size. 

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