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Whether you are a business owner or private citizen, there is a good chance that you will be involved in some sort of legal dispute at some point in your life. You may need to file a civil claim to enforce a contract, assert your rights or seek compensation after an accident. On the other hand, you may be the subject of a lawsuit if someone files an action against you or your business. Virtually every civil action requires a reliable litigation attorney. Without representation, you face handling complex legal cases alone and can add risk to your claim. If you receive an unfavorable outcome, then you could face limitations to your economic freedom. Fortunately, you can protect your best interests with the help of qualified Modesto litigation attorneys.

At Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger, we have years of experience representing individuals and entities in civil litigation matters. We understand how lawsuits can be emotionally and economically taxing. However, you deserve to fight for your rights and secure your future. Our law firm takes every step to mitigate costs and bring you a favorable resolution. We can help discover evidence, prepare motions, negotiate settlements, take your case to trial, and administer appeals. No matter the size, state or moment of your claim, we are prepared to help.


Generally, litigation attorneys assist with all crucial planning, drafting and administration of a lawsuit. Our Modesto lawyers investigate details, scrutinize evidence, prepare pleadings and work for pre-trial settlements. The best way to protect your interests in a civil trial is to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. However, you can still benefit by knowing what to expect from your attorney. In general, a civil litigation lawyer will:

  • Investigate: As a rule, a trial lawyer will assess if there is enough evidence to file a lawsuit. Lawyers can help locate witnesses, take statements, gather reports and documents, conduct interviews and investigate the facts.
  • Prepare Pleadings: Pleadings and motions are drafted to begin initiating a lawsuit. Properly prepared, these pleadings may convince the other party to avoid trial. This process varies depending on the claim. For example, estate planningemployment law and general negligence cases are all much different from each other.
  • Pre-Litigation Settlement: Usually, a civil lawsuit attorney will engage in pre-litigation negotiations. The goal is to initiate settlement discussions to resolve claims before a civil lawsuit is filed. This minimizes your risk and ensures you the best possible outcome for your case.
  • Represent your interests in court: If going to trial is unavoidable, then an attorney will stand up for you in the courtroom and argue your case. A persuasive argument and presentation of evidence are crucial to win a judgment in your favor.
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What Is the Civil Lawsuit Process?

If pre-litigation settlement negotiations fail, then our Modesto litigation attorneys can help you with the civil lawsuit process. With every case, there are unique variables and permutations. Thus, you should contact our law firm to best understand how to proceed with your civil case. From start to finish, we will work with you to pursue the best result for your case case, which may include monetary compensation. 

Usually, the civil lawsuit process involves:

  • Discovery: Generally, discovery involves the exchange of information between the parties involved. Our Modesto litigation attorneys employ a wide variety of resources to gain relevant information.
  • Pre-Trial: First, our litigation lawyers consult and advise you about your case. Next, we retain witnesses, attend conferences and finalize a trial strategy based on the facts. Finally, if necessary, we can prepare trial exhibits and demonstrations.
  • Trial: After collaborating with experts, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your lawsuit. Then we present opening and closing statements, cross-examine witnesses and develop a persuasive narrative for the judge or jury.
  • Settlement: A settlement offer can happen at any point of litigation. A trial lawyer will create agreements, releases and other materials.
  • Appeal: You do not need to lose hope if you did not receive a favorable outcome. Post-trial motions can be drafted to present an argument before the appellate court.

Lawsuit Questions? Call Our Modesto Litigation Attorneys Now

Do you wonder if you have sufficient proof for a lawsuit or civil action? Are you frustrated with your current legal team and want a case review? Unfortunately, without representation, you can increase the risk for obtaining a favorable outcome from your claim. Not only could you be wasting your time, but you could also be wasting your money. No one should have to handle a lawsuit without experienced legal counsel. Our Modesto litigation attorneys are prepared to help you at any stage of your lawsuit. Our attorneys have a wide breadth of experience in handling cases in construction litigationpremises liabilityinsurance defensemedical malpracticepersonal injuryemployment law, and business litigation.

The attorneys at Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger know how frustrating this time can be if you are facing the prospect of filing or answering a lawsuit. Our trial lawyers’ success stems from our experience and compassion. We believe that the best way to protect your interests is to establish and demonstrate supporting facts. If you do not know where to turn, contact us now. Contact our Modesto, California firm today at (209) 522-2211 or contact us through our website.



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