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Questions About Labor Law Violations?

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Labor law violations can burden an employer. If you are not complying with state and federal law, then you can increase your risk for employment law claims. As a result, you face the possibility of a potentially time-consuming and costly lawsuit. Labor law claims commonly involve negotiators, administrative law judges, investigators and other entities. Unfortunately, these laws can be complex, often involving overlapping regulations. For example, railroad or government employees have their own regulations and laws that apply to those industries. Therefore, the best way to protect your interests is to contact Modesto labor law attorneys who can advise you on employer compliance matters.

Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger believes in protecting employers. After all, as a job creator, you are the backbone of the economy. For over a decade, we have helped employers develop company policies that comply with California labor laws. Furthermore, we have the experience you need to effectively help at any stage of a labor law violation claim. If necessary, then we aggressively defend employers from labor law claims.

What Are Common Labor Law Violations?

Labor law violations often involve wage claims, illegal contracts or refusing to provide resources to employees. Unfortunately, these violations can involve a lawsuit that is both expensive and lengthy. Thus, it is important to protect your company by identifying risks. By doing so, you can prevent future claims for labor law violations. Our Modesto labor law attorneys can help you draft and administer policies that can protect you.

Some common labor law violations our firm can help you prevent and defend against involve:

  • Non-Payment: Also known as wage and hour claims, non-payment violations can take a few forms. An employee may claim that they are not being paid according to state or federal minimum wage requirements. Additionally, an employee can claim they did not receive fair overtime or have business expenses properly covered.
  • Failure to Provide: Labor laws exist to set standards in the workplace. If there is a failure to meet or provide these standards, then an employee can initiate a claim. Failure to provide claims usually involve an employer failing to grant break and/or meal periods. However, claims can also involve failure to provide workers’ compensation insurance and itemized wage statements.
  • Illegal or Excluded Contracts: Certain industries are more vulnerable to contract claims, but an employer in virtually any workplace could be vulnerable to lawsuits for misclassification or illegal contracts. Our Modesto labor law attorneys can help with any contract claims, including farming and unlicensed contracts.

When Do I Need a Labor Law Attorney?

If you are an employer, then you should work to prevent disputes before they happen. For this reason, it is in your best interests to contact a labor law lawyer as soon as possible when you are organizing your company. Our law firm can help you draft company policies that comply with federal and state laws. Additionally, we can assist with clearly defining workplace conduct, regulations and contracts. Our labor law attorneys can use agreements to settle disputes before they turn into problems. However, even with the best protection, labor compliance disputes can happen. In these cases, our lawyers can help protect your best interests.

We have experience protecting employers from claims of:

  • Severance Negotiations: It is important to protect your rights and interests when negotiating a severance agreement. Before finalizing your negotiations, you should contact a labor compliance lawyer.
  • Anti-Retaliation Claims: Also known as a labor code 132a violation, these claims usually involve wrongful termination. Our Modesto labor law attorneys can help you prevent these claims by instilling effective policies for your business. Furthermore, we can defend you if you are in the middle of a labor code violation.
  • Non-Compete Agreements (NCA): Generally, non-compete agreements in California are complicated. A NCA may be invalid depending on clauses, permutations and trade secrets. Our firm can investigate the details of your NCA and protect your best interests.
  • Family Medical and Leave Act (FMLA): Unfortunately, there are times when employees abuse protections like the FMLA. Our labor compliance attorneys can help you comply with the law to avoid claims.

Labor Compliance Questions? Call Our Modesto Law Firm Now

Are you facing labor law violation claims? Do you have questions about drafting and administering company policies that prevent violations? Questions about your rights in employee discrimination claims? California and federal labor law can be complicated. 

As a result, you should not face these obstacles without an experienced attorney. An experienced legal professional can help you protect your best interests. Further, our Modesto labor law attorneys can keep you informed on changes to the law.

At Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger we are prepared to help you at any stage. Our firm has experience with FMLA, NCA and labor code 132a violations. Furthermore, we stay up to date on changes to regulations. No matter the details of your situation, we have the resources to defend you. Contact one of our attorneys at (209) 340-1110 or fill out an online form. During an initial consultation, we can review your case and tell you what options are available.

“This firm exemplifies how a multi-faceted group of attorneys can work together to achieve positive results.”

- James M.
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