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Purchasing, exchanging or selling commercial and residential real estate can be an exciting time. Odds are your transaction is a significant purchase that immediately affects you, your business and your family. Unfortunately, California property law can put roadblocks in the path of your deal. Real estate transactions involve property law, taxes, multiple parties and easily overlooked disclosure items. Furthermore, real estate agents and brokers cannot offer legal guidance. Fortunately, real estate closing attorneys that handle California property law can mitigate your risk.

The closing process can be confusing. However, our real estate closing attorneys can bring you a sense of security. The real estate closing attorneys at Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger handle a wide range of closing concerns. If you have questions about your residential or commercial real estate transaction, then we can help. Our firm has been closing property deals in California for over a decade. We can prepare your closing papers, review titles, draft closing statements and explain the fairness of your costs.

What Is a Real Estate Closing Attorney?

Closing on your property should be the most exciting part of your real estate purchase. Essentially, real estate closing attorneys can ensure you are protected. After all, on closing day you officially become the new owner of a property. Unfortunately, California property law can be complicated. As a result, you can have difficulty maximizing your investment. Thankfully, real estate closing attorneys that handle California property deals can help you mitigate this risk. Additionally, a property law attorney can help with a variety of other closing details, including:

  • Title Review: Contracts involve legal language that a California real estate broker may not understand. Thus, a local Modesto attorney can review and explain important information. For example, a property may contain lead, asbestos, illegal structures or hidden dangers like dry rot or fire damage. This information must be disclosed to you before your purchase.
  • Title Insurance: You want to feel protected from future property problems and liability. In these cases, a title insurance plan can help. If you are purchasing real estate, then title insurance can bring protection in regards to liens, rights and claims of interests. Alternatively, for lenders, title insurance can bring assurance through stated policies.
  • Coordinate Transactions: Lenders, buyers, sellers, brokers, and other parties can all be involved in your transaction. Real estate closing attorneys keep your best interests in mind while coordinating your deal.
  • Document Review: Real estate closing attorneys can review the deed, note, settlement statement and disbursement details. As a result, you can be confident in the legality of your closing.

What Are Unique Challenges to Closing in California?

Due to California’s changing property laws, you are likely to encounter procedures that are unfamiliar to you. Even if you have purchased or sold property before, real estate closing attorneys can help with California-specific rules and regulations. For example, California law does not require a buyer and seller to physically meet — as a result, there can be a greater risk of fraud. A Modesto attorney can work to mitigate this risk and bring peace of mind in your deal. Since every real estate closing is unique, it is in your best interest to contact a lawyer.

However, there are some common issues that you should be aware of when buying property in the state of California, including:

  • Taxes: Ultimately, California property law allows imposition of special taxes. Where you purchase your property can have a big impact on the taxes you pay. If you are buying property in California, then real estate closing attorneys can identify easy-to-miss property taxes for you.
  • Representation: Most states do not allow the same broker to handle a real estate transaction for both the buyer and the seller. Thankfully, California does allow dual agent representation. A Modesto attorney can help draft a buyer and seller consent agreement that could save you money.
  • Lengthy Disclosures: California requires home sellers to disclose features, environmental issues, material defects and other concerns to any prospective buyer. As a result, you should expect a long list of items listed in a disclosure report. Our attorneys can explain this report and help you determine if items could have been omitted.

Closing Questions? 

Are you closing on a piece of real estate? Do you have concerns that there may be risks that have gone unnoticed? Terms, disclosures and conditions can have a big impact on your deal. Unfortunately, agents and brokers are not always experts in California real estate law. Additionally, the law can involve different procedures if a property is listed as residential or commercial. Thankfully, real estate closing attorneys can make a big difference in any real estate deal.

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At Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger, we believe you deserve the best representation. Our firm knows the challenges involved in closing a California real estate deal. For years, our Modesto law firm has helped individuals buy and sell residential and commercial real estate property across the state. If you are investing in real estate, then we can help. 

Call Swingle, Van Egmond & Heitlinger at (209) 340-1110 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation today.

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