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Nationwide, the number of motorcycle sales and registrations is on the rise. This trend holds true for California, whose roadways saw nearly 850,000 motorcycles in 2017. Unfortunately, with more bikers on the road, there comes an increased risk of motor vehicle accidents. If you are a motorcyclist in California, there are four common dangers you should be aware of before starting your engine. An experienced Modesto motorcycle accident attorney outlines these hazards below.

Blind Spots

While many things are within your control as a motorcyclist, you cannot control other drivers. For example, since motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, drivers tend to overlook them. This is especially true when a motorcycle is driving in another vehicle’s blind spot. A driver who only takes a quick glance before changing lanes or making a turn may accidentally collide with a motorcyclist. You should remain cautious when riding a motorcycle and pay close attention to the drivers around you.


Since California permits motorcyclists to lane-split, most people assume that it is a reasonably safe activity. When done correctly, this can be true. However, other vehicles pose a risk to lane-splitting motorcyclists. For instance, if another driver is not paying attention or swerves unexpectedly, then a motorcycle crash is likely. You should always proceed with caution when lane-splitting. Also, you should follow the rules for lane-splitting. In California, this practice is only allowed when traffic is slow or at a standstill. Abiding by this rule can help prevent an unnecessary accident.

Dangerous Roadway Conditions

Due to their design, motorcycles cannot handle roadway hazards as easily as other automobiles. These hazards include gravel, debris, oil spills and potholes. Any one of these hazards may throw a motorcyclist in California from their bike. Catastrophic injuries often occur as a result.


Simply put, when another driver or motorcyclist is speeding, the risk of an accident increases. Speeding shortens the amount of time a driver has to react to sudden changes in traffic. It also means that the speeding driver has less time to slow down in an emergency. When speeding causes an accident, any motorcyclist involved is likely to sustain serious injuries. A motorcyclist in California should always follow the speed limit when on the road.

Injured in a California Motorcycle Accident? Get Help From a Modesto Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you are a motorcyclist in California, you should take extra precautions when riding your bike. Unfortunately, taking extra precautions will not always prevent an accident from occurring. If you have been seriously injured by another driver, you should consider pursuing a personal injury case. To learn more about your legal options, contact our offices at (209) 522-2211 or leave us a message online.

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